• Compact Packing Machine



Machine Design:

  • Compact and Small: No more than 2 meters long.
  • Smart & High Tech: Servo motor driven and computer controlled.
  • Box-motion End-seal: Very good-looking and well-sealed packages.
  • Easy Maintenance: Less mechanical parts and lower operating noises.
  • Strong Machine Body: Cantilever machine frame + integrated electrical cabinet.
  • Sanitary Standard: SUS304 machine housing to meet highly regulated food grade standard.
  • Belt Feeding Design: Easier for users to manually load in any kind of cakes,buns and breads.
  • Easy-clean Feature: handy removable belt design. (No need of any tools to remove the belt.)
  • On request with perforating, labeling, print coding, eye-mark locating, coupon inserting and tear strip, easy-tear notches and other auto feeding systems.

Packaging Style:

  • Pillow type or center-sealed type.
  • Gussets by users’ choice.

Packaging Material:

  • Printed film or transparent film.
  • Heat sealable mono-layer film.
  • Laminated film or metalized alu film.

Smart Operation:

  • HMI Touch screen: Easier for user to operate the machine without problem.
  • 100 Recipes: Able To save up-to 100 product recipes for any complicated production.
  • M.I.S. Function(Misplaced Item Skip): efficiently to reduce waste and avoid incorrect cutting.
  • No Product No Pack Function: possible to connect the machine with production line and realize the dream of automation by the smallest budget.

Optional Accessories:

  • Extra Product In-feed belt
  • Extra Product Out-put belt
  • Ink Jet Printer
  • Labeling Machine
  • Thermo Transfer Over Printer
  • Hole Punch (Euro Hole/Sombrero/C Shape)


Packing Type : Pillow type (Center seal type)
Packing Speed: 40-60packs/min(Belt type) 60-80packs/min(Pusher type) Product property and film type may affect packing speed.
Bag Length: 100mm~300mm
Bag Former: Small size→Width:35mm~100mm/Height:10mm~50mm
Big size→Width:60mm~140mm/Height:25mm~70mm
Machine Size & Weight: 2020mm/L 990mm/W 1400mm/H
Film Width: Max. Film Roll Width:360mm
Max. Film Roll Diameter:300mm
Power & Connection: Voltage:220V/380V/415V,50/60Hz,3-Phase
Suitable Products: Bakery,Cakes,Buns,Breads,Trays,Boxes
Remark: It may be designed and customized individually by KEED if the size of packing content is beyond the above size range.

Main Applications:

  • Buns & Breads, Huge Honey Cakes, Frozen Foods, Trays & Boxes

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