Box Motion Multi-packer


Machine Design:

  • Cantilever build/heavy steel mainframe and SUS304 made housing with integrated electrical cabinet. Robust steel frame, servo-machine for multi-shift operation with high modularity.
  • Strict division between product/packaging material handling and drive elements.
  • Minimum of mechanical parts, low noise and university of the same parts where possible.
  • Left and right hand version available.
  • F.B.F. type conveyor designed (Film Bottom Feeding) for multiple-item packaging purpose, such as lx5 bag noodles and bag snacks.
  • A.F.C. (Auto Film Catcher): On request to with AFC to reduce operation downtime.
  • M.I.S. Function (Misplaced Item Skip) helps to reduce waste and incorrect cutting.

Packaging Style:

  • Pillow pack center sealed, on request with or without gusset device.
  • On request with perforating, labeling , print coding, eye-mark locating, coupon inserting and tear strip, easy-tear notches and other auto feeding systems.

Packaging Material:

  • Printed, print registered or non-printed, heat sealable mono-layer or laminated film.

Smart Operation:

  • The touch screen of the HMI panel is integrated on the top of the machine. As option, also an adjustable panel mounted on the swivel arm is available. Parameter entry, errors, alarms and production statics are all displayed on the HMI.


  • Adjustable bag former
  • Adjustable conveyor width handle
  • Automatic bag noodle feeding systems
  • SUS304 standard applied machine shell
  • No product no pack function
  • M.I.S. (Misplaced Item Skip) function
  • HMI 10.4" touch screen
  • Eye-mark function
  • A.F.C. (Auto Film Catcher)
  • Product collector or stacker
  • Date coder
  • Gusset device
  • Automatic labeling device
  • Euro hole punch


Packing Type : Pillow type (Center seal type)
Film Width: (S) :480mm (M) : 580mm (L) : 680mm
Product Size: (S) : 145mm/Lx 170mm/W x 80mm/H
(M) : 170mm/L x 200mm/W x 100mm/H
(L) : 195mm/L x 230mm/W x 120mm/H
Packing Length: 200mm-600mm
Packing Speed: 60-70 packs/min
Power & Connection: Voltage: 220V/380V/415V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase

Air: 6 Bar, 0.03-1m3/h for defect package reject and/or gusset device.
Machine Size: 6000mm/Lx 1500mm/W x 1600mm/H
Machine Weight: 1,500Kg

Main Applications:

  • 1x3 bag noodle multi-pack, 1x4 bag noodle multi-pack, 1x6 bag noodle multi-pack, 2x5 bag noodle multi-pack